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Our journey began when we took Bridget (3yrs old) to the Laporte Hospital ER, because of back and stomach pain. She had fallen the Monday before and didn't walk for two days because of leg pain. By Thursday she was walking, but occasionally complaining of back pain. In between complaints she played normally, and seemed fine. Saturday she came to me crying her back and stomach hurt....

In the fall of 2007, we noticed our then 22 month old son Drew developing a black eye. After trips to the opthamologist and pediatrician, we finally did a CT scan to reveal a tumor growing behind his eye. We were sent to Children's Memorial Hospital, and several more tests were done to reveal multiple tumors covering Drew's body, as well as involvement in his blood and bone marrow. Drew was diagnosed on November 6, 2007 with stage 4 neuroblastoma. He was given a 30% chance of survival....

Five years ago our family was blessed with the most beautiful addition to our family, Noah. Prior to his arrival, we were given some very difficult news about his health. We found out that Noah had a rare disorder that did not even have a name, but was referred to us as Chromosome 13q deletion. Doctors were extremely discouraging, but we had to rely on our faith to make some critical decisions. With this information, we researched Noah's abnormality ....

During the month of October 2007, our almost 3 year old daughter Madelyn started "not feeling well". Specifically, she would start running very high fevers with no apparent cause. Finally, after the third straight week with no reprieve, our pediatrician sent us for lab work. I remember receiving the call from her that evening, telling us that the labs were not good and that we should pack a bag...
Brendan was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma on May 6, 2008 - the day after his 12th birthday. Brendan's only symptom was blood in his urine 1 week before. His dad took him to the local ER and a tumor was found in his right kidney. By that evening, he was admitted to Children's Memorial and the decision was made to remove his kidney even before we knew it was cancer. This was a difficult surgery, but we were assured he would live a perfectly normal life ...
In late October of 2008, Reese woke up not feeling well one Tuesday morning, so my husband took her to the pediatrician who diagnosed her with a double ear infection. We were told that since the antibiotics should start clearing up the infection by Thursday, it was OK to proceed with our planned trip to visit family in Arizona. Shortly after arriving, Reese became fussier than usual and was not eating much....

Haleigh was 10 months old when her health issues surfaced. The left side of her bottom became red and swollen. I took her to the doctor for x-rays on October 31st. Nothing was broken, so they concluded it was badly bruised. Three weeks later, Haleigh's bottom was still swelling and changing colors. We went back to the doctor, who referred us to a surgeon. Haleigh had an MRI which showed a large, growing solid tumor. On Friday, November 30, Haleigh underwent...

Parker is a little boy with an infectious smile. He has an older brother Riley and a younger sister Ashley. Parker had just turned 3 in May of 2008. His right eye was protruding and a quick look by the pediatrician sent us for an MRI and then down to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. Our worst fears were confirmed that he had Stage IV Neuroblastoma and I was 7 months pregnant! Parker did 7 rounds of chemo which included a stem cell transplant...

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