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Parker is a little boy with an infectious smile. He has an older brother Riley and a younger sister Ashley. Parker had just turned 3 in May of 2008. His right eye was protruding and a quick look by the pediatrician sent us for an MRI and then down to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Our worst fears were confirmed that he had Stage IV Neuroblastoma and I was 7 months pregnant! Parker did 7 rounds of chemo which included a stem cell transplant. Parker also had a resection surgery down at Riley’s. After the stem cell transplant we headed to NY. To Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for the 3f8 Antibody treatment. Parker had another surgery while in NY followed by radiation and some more chemo before starting the antibody treatment. In May of 2009, Parker was deemed NED (no evidence of disease). We still travel to NY for 3f8 since it’s a 2 year protocol. Providing he does not relapse we will finish our NY protocol in March of 2011. He will be cancer free and we will just do scans every 3 months at Univ. of Chicago Comers Childrens Hospital.

ParkerWe currently go to Comers for low dose chemo and scans or if we have a fever. Here is a photo of Parker today, as well as one of him in treatment just after his sister was born.

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